Collaborative structures

Collaborative structures are the key to increasing competitiveness in nZEB renovation and offer a unique selling proposition guaranteeing customers coordinated nZEB housing renovation. These structures reduce fragmentation and increase know-how exchange between supply-side stakeholders, thus increasing efficiency leading to lower costs, reduced burdens for the client and to shorter renovation time.

With the aid of the COHERENO project a network comprising all participants of the construction process of nZEBs was established with the goal of creating strategic supply groups: For example a cooperation between architect, carpenter, window fitter and financier which together offers coordinated renovation to the standard of nearly zero-energy buildings.

To establish a comprehensive network both existing networks at national, regional and local level as well as interested companies were be invited to participate. Existing networks has been analysed to establish both helpful and disruptive factors. The aim was to adjust existing and emerging business models of supply chains in the five partner countries to suit the characteristics, requirements and wishes of various types of single-family owner-occupied dwellings in these countries.

In order to promote the establishment of a network and of specialized provider groups the project partners organized two Interner Link  collaborative business events in each country.