Collaborative business events

Two collaborative business events took place in each partner country in different regions. The events allowed the possibility to extend the participants´ own network in the field of nZEB and strengthen contacts.

The events paved the way for the concrete uptake of new business models and furthermore they also had the potential to be a starting point for a long term B2B networking initiative - even beyond the COHERENO project - that was dedicated to the widespread offer of integrated, collaborative services for nZEB housing renovation across Europe, increasing both quantity and quality of single-family housing renovations.

The following business collaboration events took place:

Brussels, 12th September 2014
Vienna, 19th September 2014
Trondheim, 2nd October 2014
Arnhem, 8th October 2014
Graz, 8th October 2014
The Hague, 14th October 2014
Drammen, 23th October 2014
Erfurt, 28th October 2014
Naumburg/Hessen, 06th November 2014
Antwerp, 14th January 2015