Work programme

2013 – Fundamentals

Definition of nZEB - First, country-specific definitions of nearly zero-energy buildings are to be developed.

Listing nZEB - On this basis, single-family nZEB buildings can be identified, listed and presented publically.

Identifying pioneers - At the same time, companies involved in refurbishments to nearly zero-energy buildings will be identified. Subsequent workshops and interviews will ascertain promising company structures. The project will also focus on the structures of existing groups of providers: an analysis will reveal particularly successful cooperation models.

Identifying customer segments - At the same time, research will be conducted into social groups as potential targets for high-efficiency refurbishment. Research and studies on this topic will be analysed and processed so that interested companies can obtain precise information on the target markets.

Establishment of a network - Companies which have already been involved in nZEB refurbishments and are interested in cooperation will be added to a public list. That enables companies interested in networks to find new partners for refurbishments to nearly zero-energy houses. Companies can also register on an online platform to advertise their services and contact potential partners.

Quality assurance - Good quality in the planning and construction process is the key to the quality of the building. For this reason, quality assurance in the construction process will be studied thoroughly: quality assurance options will be determined, so that recommended actions can be derived.

2014 – Business models and networks

Specific concepts - The partner countries develop concepts which are to help companies along the construction process chain to cooperate in offering refurbishment services. Contacts between interested companies are promoted at two major events per partner country.

2015/2016 – Provider groups

The partner countries will develop proposals for easy to implement company cooperation models. For each country, five workshops will be organised with 5-10 interested companies each, which want to combine to form a provider group for a project. They will be supported and advised by the project partners. The topic is dealt with in further depth with the same companies during a follow-up event.