Target groups

The EU COHERENO project focused on a variety of target groups. It was intended for all stakeholders involved in refurbishment who contribute to satisfaction of house owners throughout the construction process and its results. In order to guarantee consistent high quality of refurbishment to nearly zero-energy buildings, and thus to promote their establishment on the refurbishment market, the COHERENO partners were committed to developing and expanding successful business models. The following partners are involved in this:

Small and medium enterprises (contractors) - Efforts were undertaken to target an innovator group of contractors, contracting home-owners, acting as the key responsible actor for the nearly zero-energy building renovation. They can employ other contractors and are important contact points for home-owners.

Planners (consultants) - Consulting actors consult the home-owners and provide technical specifications, cost calculations, energy saving calculations etc. They can typically include architects, engineers, all kind of advisors, quality assessors, energy performance certificate advisors and providers of passive house certificates. Also actors who inform and advise home-owners on a general basis but do not provide offers including technical specifications and costs are part of this target group. Typically these can be organizations of home-owners, non-profit organisations, material and building products supplier, real estate agents and financial agents.

Policy makers and financiers - Financing and policy actors can influence volume market development. Banks, grant providers, energy agencies and policy makers on local, regional, national or European level are typically part of this group.