Project outcomes

During the project term, numerous documents were produced which can help establish existing cooperation methods and develop additional cooperation models. In addition to this, interim results were summarized and made available to the public. This provided an overview of best practice examples of nearly zero-energy houses in Austria, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands and Norway. At the same time, interested parties can research tradesmen, planners and consultants involved in the construction process of nearly zero-energy buildings.

The publishable report summarizes the results of the COHERENO project. PDF  You can download it here.  (1.4 MB)

All other documents produced are available for download here:



International report PDF  "nZEB criteria for typical single-family home renovations in various countries"  (1.0 MB)

Executive summary PDF  "Mapping of frontrunners in nZEB renovation of single-family houses"  (644 KB)

International report PDF  "Customer segments and value propositions in the nZEB single-family housing renovation market"  (1.5 MB)

International report PDF  "Barriers and opportunities for business collaboration in the nZEB single-family housing renovation market"  (1.7 MB)

Executive summary PDF  "Barriers and opportunities for business collaboration in the nZEB single-family housing renovation market"  (195 KB)

Striking facts and hands-on recommendations:

PDF  Austria (in German)  (399 KB); PDF  Austria (in English)  (390 KB)

PDF  Belgium (in Dutch)  (124 KB); PDF  Belgium (in French)  (129 KB); PDF  Belgium (in English)  (388 KB)

PDF  Germany (in German)  (374 KB); PDF  Germany (in English)  (397 KB)

PDF  The Netherlands (in Dutch)  (395 KB); PDF  The Netherlands (in English)  (395 KB)

PDF  Norway (in Norwegian)  (390 KB); PDF  Norway (in English)  (395 KB)

International Report PDF  "Report on creating customer confidence through quality assurance"  (4.7 MB)

Evaluation Report PDF  "Evaluation report of the Business Collaboration Events, focusing on opportunities and barriers for strengthening collaboration including the evaluation questionnaires"  (804 KB)

Evaluation Report PDF  "Report on business models for NZEB renovation of single- family houses including cross-country analysis"  (953 KB)


Leaflets on business models

PDF  Austria  (245 KB)

PDF  Belgium  (704 KB)

PDF  Germany  (239 KB)

PDF  The Netherlands  (1.4 MB)

PDF  Norway  (869 KB)


Leaflets about lists of frontrunners in nZEB renovation

Belgium (PDF  in French  (673 KB), PDF  in Dutch  (671 KB))

PDF  The Netherlands  (355 KB)

PDF  Norway  (237 KB)



PDF  First national newsletter action  (1.2 MB)

PDF  Second national newsletter action  (603 KB)

PDF  Third national newsletter action  (998 KB)

PDF  First national articles  (2.0 MB)

PDF  Second national articles  (2.0 MB)

PDF  Additional national articles  (1.4 MB)

PDF  First national presentation  (188 KB)

PDF  Second national presentation  (191 KB)

PDF  First international newsletter action  (601 KB)

PDF  Second international newsletter action  (385 KB)

PDF  International scientific articles  (3.3 MB)

PDF  First international presentations  (186 KB)

PDF  Second international presentations  (189 KB)