COHERENO Final conference, Brussels, 14.10.2015

COHERENO final conference in Brussels
Copyright: BPIE/M. Faber

The 14th october 2015 COHERENO project partners presented results of analysis of collaboration structures and of workshops with actors of the planning and construction process about business modeling.
The event focused on collaboration structures and a best-practise-example of every country was presented. 

You can see the whole Externer Link  final conference via Youtube-video here. On Youtube you can also find shorter versions of the video which have got subtitles in Externer Link  French, Externer Link  Dutch, Externer Link  German and Externer Link  Norwegian.

To get a detailed impression of the final conference presentations are ready to download:

PDF  New collaborative business models for home refurbishment to nearly zero-energy levels  (449 KB)
Ad Straub (TU Delft)

PDF  Defining nZEB standards for renovations  (1.8 MB)
Maarten De Groote (BPIE)

PDF  How to connect to frontrunners and encouraging supply-chain collaboration by Business Collaboration Events  (967 KB)
Hannes Warmuth (ÖGUT)

PDF  Business model - Bauteam Hamburg  (659 KB)
Peter Pannier (dena)

PDF  Collaborative efforts towards energetic older home renovations in Haarlem area  (2.1 MB)
Marijke Gantvoort

PDF  Enerquent  (138 KB)
Johannes Pointner

PDF  Promising modes for new business cooperation uptake for nZEB renovations  (802 KB)
Trond Haavik (Segel)