Consortium partners

A total of nine project partners from five European countries are cooperating in energy refurbishment from a single source in the EU COHERENO project. They are research institutes and advisory bodies. They are supported by the European Commission as part of the EU Intelligent Energy Europe programme. TU Delft is coordinating COHERENO.

Delft University of Technology, Netherlands
logo of the Delft University of Technology, Netherlands

The Department OTB of the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment seeks to make a visible contribution to society by helping  to solve social problems in the field of the built environment. Interner Link  ... more

Passiefhuis-Platform vzw (PHP), Belgium
logo of Passiefhuis-Platform, Belgium

Passiefhuis-Platform vzw (PHP) is a Belgian non-profit organization founded in 2002, currently with over 300 members of leading actors from the construction industry: contractors, developers, architects, energy advisors, engineers,  product producers and Interner Link  ... more

Flemish Institute for Technological Research (VITO), Belgium
logo of the Flemish Institute for Technological Research, Belgium

VITO is an independent, results-driven research organisation in the Flemish region of Belgium. VITO conducts customer oriented contract research and develops innovative products Interner Link  ... more

Austrian Society for Environment and Technology (ÖGUT), Austria
logo of the Austrian Society for Environment and Technology

The Austrian Society for Environment and Technology (ÖGUT) is a nonprofit organisation, formed as a scientific platform for environment, economy and administration. Interner Link  ... more

SEGEL Consulting Company, Norway
logo of SEGEL Consulting Company, Norway

Segel is a business consulting firm specializing in strategy and business development, internationalization, marketing innovation and project management. Interner Link  ... more

German Energy Agency (DENA), Germany
logo of the German Energy Agency

The Deutsche Energie-Agentur GmbH (dena) - the German Energy Agency - is the centre of expertise for energy efficiency, renewable energy sources and intelligent energy systems.  Interner Link  ... more 

Buildings Performance Institute Europe (BPIE), Belgium
logo of the Buildings Performance Institute Europe, Belgium

The Buildings Performance Institute Europe (BPIE) is a European not-for-profit think-do-tank, delivering policy analysis, policy advice and implementation support in the field of energy performance in buildings. Interner Link  ... more

Flemish Constructors Federation (VCB), Belgium
logo of the Flemish Constructors Federation, Belgium

The Flemish Building Confederation (VCB) is the most representative organization for the building industry in Flanders and has more than 10.000 members. The VCB represents Interner Link  ... more

SINTEF Building and Infrastructure, Norway
logo of SINTEF Building and Infrastructure, Norway

SINTEF is the largest independent research organisation in Scandinavia. It is a non-commercial research foundation with subsidiaries. SINTEF building and infrastructure is a leading international research institute Interner Link  ... more